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Protect your child’s rights during your divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Family Law

Many people focus on the adults when there’s a divorce, but parents must consider how their decisions will impact the children. This is a significant change for them because the only household situation they’ve known is changing.

It may behoove some parents to remember that their children have rights during this significant life change. Focusing on these may help you to ensure they’re able to thrive.

Right to have peace

Children have the right to have a peaceful home life. A primary consideration of this is ensuring that the kids don’t have to hear the fighting from their parents. If there are contentious matters between you and your ex, discuss those when the kids aren’t around. Never try to use the children as messengers because this puts them in a difficult spot. The peace that the children need also extends to others. You and your ex must ensure that others around aren’t badmouthing either parent.

Right to have love

All children have the right to have a loving family. The divorce might split you from your ex’s family, but your ex-in-laws are all still your child’s family members. Please encourage them to enjoy both sides of the family and to talk to you about those memories. Children sometimes feel bad about having a good time when one parent isn’t part of the situation, so letting them know it’s okay to enjoy their family members may help. Another way you can do this is by being flexible when out-of-town family members come, and the parenting schedule needs to be changed a bit.

Right to have support

Divorce divides the child’s support system, but that doesn’t mean that they should have to deal with a reduction in the amount of support they receive. It’s usually best if you and your ex can still work as a team to provide as much help to the children as possible.

Get the parenting plan set up as quickly as you can after the divorce. Consider the child’s needs as you do this because every decision must be based on their needs. It may help to have someone on your team who can assist you with coming up with creative solutions to challenges.