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What you need to know about Minnesota child support guidelines

Negotiating with your spouse to develop an agreement regarding property division, maintenance, child custody and child support is a good way to retain control of the situation. If you are not able to agree, the decision goes into the judge's hands. Although you have some leeway when it comes to most elements of the agreement, you may not have that much wiggle room when it comes to child support.

You must keep certain things in mind when you and your spouse calculate the amount of the support.

How to talk to your elderly parents about estate planning

Mortality is a difficult topic for almost everyone, and it is not something that many people are comfortable bringing up in conversation, especially with loved ones. However, if you have elderly parents, discussing the future of their assets after they pass away and how they wish to manage their affairs is a critical issue that you should not avoid.

Although the conversation may be tough, taking the appropriate steps to develop a comprehensive estate plan for your elderly parents can save a lot of heartache and headaches in the long run. With the following tips, you can start the conversation and emerge with peace of mind and confidence knowing that your parents' needs and wishes are being taken into account.

What to know when applying for SSDI benefits

If you have a medical condition or disability that is severe enough that it prevents you from making a living and supporting yourself or your family, you may have cause to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance. A type of assistance reserved for those who have particularly severe conditions that should last at least a year or longer, SSDI benefits may be available to you, depending on your previous work contributions and how much you paid into the Social Security system.

While obtaining SSDI benefits is not always easy (Everyday Health reports that only about 33 percent of applicants who apply each year receive approval), you may be able to find success through an appeal if the U.S. Social Security Administration denies your initial claim. However, developing a better understanding of the application process and the benefits system itself may increase your chances of filing a successful SSDI claim. So, before you submit your application for SSDI benefits, recognize that:

How do Minnesota courts decide child custody?

Minnesota appears to be a relatively good state to be in if you want your marriage to work out. It has one of the lowest divorce rates in the country with only 12.8 individuals out of every 1,000 married people to go through divorce as of 2017. 

For couples who do file for divorce in the state, the main thing on both spouses' mind will most likely be child custody. For people about to embark on a court trial of this nature should familiarize themselves with the process to know what to expect. 

Suing for damages after a car crash in Minnesota

A drunk driver T-boned your car at an intersection, and you and your children ended up in the emergency room. Your kids are fine, thank goodness, but they will need follow-up appointments as they recover from broken bones, lacerations and soft-tissue injuries. You need a couple of weeks off work while you are taking the pain medications, but even after your wounds have healed, the doctor thinks you may have permanent nerve damage in your arm and hand.

Your insurance will cover some of the damages, but it really seems as if you should be able to hold the other driver liable personally for the pain the person has caused your family through irresponsible actions. Can you sue?

The 10 main steps in the divorce process

Many people who are divorcing are not sure what to expect. Will it be contentious? What will I get to keep? What will happen to my finances? If you don't know anything about the divorce process, the unknowns may seem overwhelming.

Some divorces are short, simple, and take only a few months; others are long, bitter, and can span several years. Although every individual divorce is different, there are a few main steps in the process that will apply to every couple. It's important to know these steps so that you have a better understanding of what to expect from the divorce proceedings.

Do I make too much for Social Security Disability benefits?

Social Security Disability benefits are notoriously difficult for applicants to receive. Typically, around 70% of applicants are denied benefits during the first application.

Some people are denied benefits because the Social Security Administration (SSA) doesn’t perceive the applicant’s injury to be a disability. Others may simply make too much money to qualify for benefits.

Filing a workers' compensation claim in Minnesota

Getting injured while on the job is generally a frightening experience. Even if a worker is not scared about their long-term well being, they may be concerned about their ability to provide for themselves and their loved ones in the short-term.

It can be difficult to think about the future when you are trying to deal with the immediate needs of an injury, but knowing what steps to take after a work-related injury can reduce stress and get you started with the process of getting the workers' compensation benefits you deserve.


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