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Our Attorneys Can Answer Your Child-Support Questions

In a child support matter, the court is supposed to award support based on the needs of your children and the combined income of both parents. However, the court can only make a determination based on the information before it. Sometimes the court lacks relevant information, and sometimes the court makes errors. Regardless of circumstance, Reichert Wenner is prepared to make sure every pertinent detail is addressed and that your child support matter has a fair outcome.

How Child Support Is Determined

When judges set child support values, they do so utilizing tools provided by the Minnesota legislature. The numbers they come up with are not arbitrary and are based on a formula outlined in state statutes. Your income, the other parent’s income, the number of shared children and expenses on both sides will be considered in determining a support award. It is entirely possible that the number may feel high, or unfair, but the judge has limited discretion in deviating from the state guidelines.

At Reichert Wenner, our child support lawyers in St. Cloud have experience in preparing and presenting data for the court to put your situation in the best possible light to receive the most favorable child support decision possible. Whether you are the party that will be receiving or paying out child support payments, we are prepared and able to provide the highest caliber of representation.

If Your Situation Has Changed

Perhaps when the judge initially set support values in your case, the numbers seemed fair. Since then, your life may have taken unexpected turns. You may have lost a job, received a drastic reduction in hours at work, or racked up significant medical bills. Alternatively, perhaps you are receiving child support payments, and you have noticed that your child’s other parent is rolling around in a new Ferrari while your child support payments still represent the income level of a person who can barely afford a used Mazda. In either case, if events in your life, or your child’s other parent’s life, have changed such that the current support obligations no longer makes sense, you may be able to appeal to the court for a modification of your support obligation.

Whether you have never received child support from your child’s other parent, or if you believe a modification of child support is appropriate, contact Reichert Wenner today for a consultation so that we can protect your rights and ensure fair payments. Call 320-316-1196 or email our firm to schedule your consultation.