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Securing The Workers’ Compensation Benefits You Need

When you are injured on the job, you are entitled to benefits from your employer to cover medical bills, lost wages and other expenses that may result from those injuries. Reichert Wenner P.A. is committed to helping those suffering from a work injury throughout the entire process of securing their workers’ compensation claims.

Unless your injuries resulted from your own gross negligence (such as drunk driving), you are almost always entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you are injured while working. Our attorneys in St. Cloud passionately fight on behalf of workers across Minnesota to secure the benefits they desperately need to get back on their feet.

Let Us Work With Your Employer’s Insurance

One of the most frustrating aspects of workers’ compensation is having to work with your employer and their insurance company. Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance your employer takes out that pays workers in the case they get injured on the job. Insurance companies, however, work on a profit — and their goal is to minimize the amount of money they are required to pay out.

As a result, both employers and their insurance companies often prolong the process and fail to offer the full benefits you are entitled to receive. Few workers have the time and patience to work with these insurance companies, especially as they try to fully recover from their injuries. Our lawyers stand by your side throughout the process, ensuring the process is efficient and fair, so you can focus on your health.

Holding Those Responsible Accountable

Our firm can not only help you file for workers’ compensation benefits, but also personal injury claims. While you cannot file a personal injury claim against your employer, you may be able to file a claim against a third party that was involved in your work injury (such as a driver who struck your work vehicle or another company that supplied a defective product).

For full and comprehensive representation for your work-related accident, contact Reichert Wenner today. We offer free consultations in workers’ compensation cases, and you only pay if we secure you benefits. Call 320-316-1196 to get started, or email us for more information.